Labs and Imaging Tests

eClinicsUSA is connected to a network of online labs and imaging centers scattered in major cities around the country. Besides Consultancy and Medical-Second-Opinion, accurate, efficient, optimized, and timely lab tests are another prerequisite, and eClinicsUSA is there for you!

Whether our e-doctors prescribe you a specific test or you just need a routine e-health check-up, accessing your lab tests has never been more convenient.

With our associated labs, you can:

  • Get affordable tests done promptly without unprecedented delays.
  • Access our associated labs in all major cities across Pakistan.
  • Avail the maintenance of strict professional sample collection.
  • Be sure of optimum test conduction.
  • Obtain detailed lab test reports fit for consultation, a second opinion or prescription.
  • Easily order a lab test done for general ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and uric acid, etc.
  • Be sure all SOPs in the rampant pandemic are being followed.

With so much to offer, what are you waiting for? Get your lab tests done by eClinicsUSA Now!