In-Depth Medical Review

Many trusted medical sources quote that about 30% of the healthcare cases are poorly-diagnosed, whereas 50% of patients undergo either incorrect or unnecessary treatment. The American Medical Association (AMA) always strives to reduce such human errors when it comes to medical consultancy and treatments.

eClinicsUSA aims to provide an in-depth medical review to guarantee the aforementioned goals. We do this by providing an accurate diagnosis and eliminating the odds of unnecessary procedures and surgeries. Save yourself from going under the knife unnecessarily!


Review of Scans

Studying and interpreting scans requires expert medical specialists. Our expert US physicians study radiology scans in detail, including MRIs, CTs, X-rays, mammograms, and ultrasounds. This leaves patients contented, informed, and confident with their diagnosis and prescribed treatment.

Review of Medical Reports

Accurate comprehension of medical reports is vital for a patient’s health landscape, both long term and short term. A professional report review delivers itself correctly only if the doctors study the medical results in detail and provide a professional opinion that leaves the patient contented, well-informed, and confident. We prepare the e-medical report reviews in formats that highlight important medical points and leave you with a well-researched, thought out and elaborate medical analysis.

Review of Medical Prescriptions

Qualified online physicians review medical prescriptions and interpret them according to the specific health condition and symptoms. We filter out the medicines that do not support the treatment and issue a prescription review that has only the apt prescription drugs for the patient’s condition.

The In-Depth Medical Review Services of eClinicsUSA have the following prominent features:

  • Makes the most up-to-date decision about patient’s health.
  • Verifies an accurate diagnosis.
  • Ensures that the telehealth treatment plan is suitable and personalized.
  • Leaves the patient confident and well informed regarding their condition.